Advantages of PeniMaster Pro

Difference of operating principle between PeniMaster Pro and other extenders

PeniMaster Pro is the new generation vacuum extender from Germany. It solves the problem of all the vacuum devices – mucosa is separated from the vacuum chamber by a later membrane, which perfectly repeats the shape of the glans. Extender combines convenience and comfort, is suitable for extended wearing, and its efficiency is much higher than any other extender.

Comparative characteristics:

Characteristic PeniMaster Pro Other extenders
Comfort in use Thanks to patented vacuum fixation system PeniMaster Pro Basis extender can be used for a long time without discomfort. Strap and knot extenders can not provide reliable fixation. Fixation unit can squash the penis bringing unpleasant or painful sensations.
Safety The mucosa is separated from the vacuum chamber by a latex membrane which completely follows the shape of glans without squeezing it and not interfering with the blood circulation. Strap or loop attached to the edge of the glans might cause blood congestion, deformation of glans and other injuries.
Adaptation to any penis size and form of the glans Recommended for men with any anatomy and size of penis, circumcised or not. Easy to put on and take off. No adaptation required. Not typical. Usually must guess the size or make some preliminary measurements, which is uncomfortable. Besides, the risk of buying the unsuitable device is always high.
Efficiency Maximum efficiency achieved by comfortable and safe fixation system which can increase the duration of daily workouts. Low efficiency due to the limited wearing time, caused by design of devices and characteristics of fixation to penis.

The advantages of vacuum extender

PeniMaster Pro is rightfully the most comfortable extender to date thanks to ideal fixation system, which allows increasing the duration of daily workouts and greatly accelerate the enlargement of penis.
Device uses triple fixation system: vacuum, adhesion and positive locking fit. This unique system prevents any injuries or any unpleasant sensations.


PeniMaster Pro – the best and most effective extender amongst vacuum and mechanical extenders.
It is worth noting that at this point there are no other extenders in market comparable to PeniMaster Pro. Technical solutions used therein won’t appear in other serial extenders by other companies any time soon.
PeniMaster Pro – the best choice for both home and professional use.