Comparison of extenders

Comparison of different extenders

There are many different extenders in the market. We will try to compare the products of the most popular manufacturers by the key parameters.

PeniMaster Pro Andropenis Sizegenetics
(Jes Extender)
X4labs Cheap extenders
Fixation method Vacuum Noose Noose Noose/strap Noose/strap
Country of origin Germany Spain Denmark China Varies
Materials Chrome plated brass, polycarbonate, skin-friendly highly stable plastic, medical latex Plastic/metal/ silicone noose Plastic/metal Plastic/metal Varies
Tension (grams) 200-1150 600-1500 1200 1600 Not available
Certificates Type I medical device, CE, complies with EU directive 93/42/EEC for health products Type I medical device, CE, 93/42/EEC Type I medical device, CE, 93/42/EEC Type I medical device, CE Usually none
Research results* Results are individual** Up to 4cm length, 1.5cm girth in 4-6 months 30% increase in 4 months 2.8cm in 6 months Not available
Wearing options Sit/stand/walk/sleep Sit/stand/ walk Sit/stand/ walk Sit/stand/ walk Sit/stand/ walk
Convenience of use Very high Poor-middle Poor-middle Middle-high Poor
Price (euro)*** 199-299 179-299 199-399 129-389 From 20

* – Research results provided by manufacturers
** – Do not be fooled by marketing campaigns of extender distributors regarding the length gains by using their extenders. Claims to gain 30% may often be misleading! Results are directly dependent on the time and intensity of the training. Our company holds the position that average gains are inappropriate as each case is individual.
*** – Valid for 2013

Choosing a method of fixation

There are three fixation methods in extenders available at the market. The classic – noose – fixation is probably living the last days as is considered least safe and convenient. This method is used in Andropenis, Sizegenetics (sold under Jes Extender trademark in Europe), X4labs and majority of cheap extenders.

We would highly recommend choosing the noose fixation method only if you have short frenulum that doesn’t let move the foreskin for at least 3cm from the head. Same applies to those whose penis in flaccid state is too small to apply the strap.

The strap is wider than the noose and applies less pressure on the penis shaft. This method can be found in products of X4labs and some cheap (yet not recommended) extenders.

Vacuum fixation method is the most sophisticated and convenient, implemented only in PeniMaster Pro so far. The vacuum attachment securely and safely holds the head of the penis; it’s easier and faster to get results with vacuum extender as it’s possible to wear it for longer without discomfort compared to extenders with mechanical fixations.

Quality of products

When buying an extender one should pay attention to the manufacturer. It’s not advisable to buy cheap Chinese extenders because they are usually made of low-quality materials, therefore are prone to breaking and are less convenient to use. Market leaders (such as PeniMaster) use high-quality materials, these extenders are customer oriented with the focus on stable, safe and convenient use.

Most of penis extender market leaders have the European Health Certification (CE) and complies with EU directive 93/42/EEC for health products, yet PeniMaster is the only extender being officially sold in pharmacies across the Europe.

Extenders’ efficiency

One of the most important factors of extenders’ efficiency is the duration of wearing it. If the tension is large, but the time one can wear it is insufficient, the extender will not be effective. Optimal tension of high quality extender is 400-1100 grams, increasing it above 1200g is not recommended as it may cause injuries. Inflated figures of some extender manufacturers might only be a part of the marketing strategy, which has nothing to do with the real wearing and safety.

During the use, the noose extender (Sizegenetics, Andropenis) may have problems associated with damage to the skin of the foreskin, strangled glans or slipping out under high tension (esp. for patients with small penis head).

The hybrid extender from X4labs is fixed by silicone strap through the soft memory foam that minimizes the risk of damage to the skin of the penis and decreases glans’ squeezing. However, some patients with long foreskin experience problems of slipping out as the long foreskin is difficult to completely cover by the bandage provided.

Vacuum extender PeniMaster Pro provides greatest comfort when wearing and is ideal for use even for those with the small glans. The vacuum chamber of this device adapts to any anatomy of penis, completely follows the shape of glans, does not squeeze it and does not interfere with the blood flow.

Wearing options

It is worth mentioning that rod extenders are suitable for domestic use only. With the vacuum PeniMaster Pro you can do daily chores as well as some sports (jogging, cycling). PeniMaster Pro belt system can be worn unobtrusively under clothing, the hip belt lets wearing possible even under ordinary underwear. Furthermore, it is possible to wear this device while sleeping.


In general, all the extenders are in the same price range, therefore the choice should be driven by cost-quality and cost-comfort factors.

PeniMaster is a definite leader in both. With the Upgrade Kit* you can get the Complete Set of 3rd generation vacuum extender that offers most convenience for less.

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