How it Works

Functional principle

The organism of a human tends to adapt to a long term mechanical stress inflicted by pressure or pulling forces. New cell have to fill in the affected area in order for the body part to change its size or shape, meaning that growth will occur and likely to remain permanent after treatment.

Elongations devices were and are used for various purposes and in different fields:

Elongations devices

Natural growing of the skin during pregnancy due to internal stretching caused by the growing baby is one the examples.

African tribes use culturally inspired jewellery to expand soft tissues of ears and lips, some nations in Eastern Asia use metal rings to lengthen women’s necks for the same reasons.

Orthopaedic specialists use the patient’s weight and pressure on the foot to turn it back to a healthy shape.

Braces correct the malformation of the teeth or a deformation of a jaw.

Extenders are connected to the body for the limb extensions – devices are fastened to the shortened or deformed leg and screwed into the bone. Muscle and bone will grow changing the legs shape.

Implanted extenders are used in plastic surgery to grow the skin required for transplanting into other part after severe burns or after the mastectomy.



Principle of mechanical stretching

curvaturePrinciple of mechanical stretching for elongation of penis was long known for African and Indian men, who used the weights attached to penis to lengthen it.

The ultimate nowadays device for the enlargement of penis – penis extender – uses the same principle of mechanical stretching; using it for the extended periods of time causes the growth of new cells, allowing penis to grow both in length and width. From here comes the main advantage of extender – the changes in size are permanent, as the new cells grown during the use are here to stay. Even in flaccid state the penis is bigger after such treatment. Long term treatment may compensate the curvature of penis.

If the device is used for short period, temporary elongation of penis may result from stretching effects.

Furthermore, such an elongation treatment may have the same effect as weight training and may improve erection hardness and overall sexual stamina.


In what cases the extender is effective?

With the help of extender it is possible to increase length and width of penis, correct the curvature, and recover the foreskin.

Extender PeniMaster is used under the pathological conditions:

•  Peyronie’s disease
•  Curvature of penis
•  Retractive penis
•  After operations (penis lengthening or the prostate operation)
•  Age related decline of sexual activity
•  Penis shortening due to overweight
•  Premature ejaculation
•  Erection problems, decrease of sexual desire