What extender to choose

What extender to choose?

PeniMaster and PeniMaster Pro are patented physiological expanders stretching the penis over the extended period of time without any pain and stimulating its cell tissue. Result of the usage of the extender – elongation, thickening and straightening of penis. These urological products may also be used for medical-therapeutic purposes. PeniMaster product family is for men of any age or penis size.

For those still in doubt of choosing, we prepared the comparison of the PeniMaster family products along with some recommendations that should help to make up their minds.

PeniMaster Pro or PeniMaster Chrome

PMP-004PENIMASTER® PRO – 3rd generation model that uses PeniMaster Pro Basis vacuum fixing unit (anatomically self adapting connection to glans of the penis). It holds glans by means of vacuum, adhesion and positive locking fit. Pressing, crushing or bracing is not used here, making PeniMaster Pro a safest penis extender. It may be used with either rod expander system or belt expander system. It easily adapts to any penis length or penis head size, can be worn optionally in an upwards or downwards direction. Normally no familiarisation with the product needed – pleasant feelings from the first use!

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EEK-000.i-Sortiment-ePENIMASTER® CHROME is probably the most sophisticated rod expander with holding belts for the penis.
This 2nd generation model is designed for increasing length and/or width of penis, correction of penile curvature, improvement of erection and extension of the foreskin.It is recommended for the day use only, could take some time to get accustomed with the fixing unit and the force generator.

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PeniMaster Pro Rod, Belt or PeniMaster Complete Set

PMP-004If you’re planning to wear penis extender outside for extended periods of time, pay attention to PENIMASTER® PRO COMPLETE SET. It consists of rod expander system together with belt expander system for additional wearing outside.

It is yet the most effective penis enlargement complex. While the main focus is on the rod expander system, switching to the belt expander system for additional stretching and holding penis in that position allows for the fastest results in penis enlargement.

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PMP-002PENIMASTER® PRO ROD EXPANDER SYSTEM utilises the vacuum fixation unit PeniMaster Pro Basis and allows for ideal penis elongation variant. As the fixation position is at the head of penis, the elongation treatment is more efficient compared to the extenders with belt or knot fixation units. The head or the shaft of the penis is not squeezed during wearing, blood flow is not disturbed

Rod pulling force generator has integrated force measurement mechanism, assuring the exact stretching level needed. Furthermore, this extender allows for treatment in the position of erected penis.

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PENIMASTER® PRO BELT EXPANDER SYSTEM may be worn as hip belt, shoulder belt or knee belt for the elongation of penis, allowing for multi-variant training of the penis tissue. It consists of PeniMaster Pro Basis penis fixation unit and the specifically designed belt pulling force generator. This system, however, is not effective if used by itself; it’s rather a good add-on for the rod expander system. It is used for additional stretching after using rod expander system, to hold penis in stretched position, allowing for fastest results in penis enlargement.

Belt force generation is more intuitive, it doesn’t have the pulling regulation mechanism; therefore it might cause unpleasant feelings if overstretched, or not induce growth if under stretched.

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Upgrade Kit I or Upgrade Kit II

PM-PRO-Upgrade-KupplungFor those already in possession of PeniMaster Chrome it’s an ideal opportunity to upgrade to PeniMaster Pro rod expander system by simply acquiring PENIMASTER® PRO UPGRADE KIT I to enjoy the benefits of vacuum fixation unit.

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PM-PRO-Upgrade-GurtFor those searching for the best results – select the PENIMASTER® PRO UPGRADE KIT II and get the PeniMaster Pro Complete set, which includes both rod and belt expander systems.

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