Do I need a medical consultation before using PeniMaster?

Medical consultation is only required in cases of diseases of genitourinary system. In all other cases the medical observation is not required.

At what length of a penis can I use the PeniMaster device?

PeniMaster extender can be used in minimum penis length of 5cm. The maximum length of the penis is not limited.

How long should the PeniMaster extender be used?

Typically, the extender is used for 6 months. If necessary, treatment can be continued until a satisfactory result is achieved.

What is the number of hours per day the extender should be worn?

The effect of using an extender comes when it is used for more than three hours a day. The optimal time to wear is from 6 to 12 hours daily. After each set (60-120mins) extender should be removed and penis should be massaged in order to restore blood circulation. After a break with massage (usually 5-15mins) extender is put back up for the next set. The defining factor of efficiency is the total time of wearing extender per day, so sets can be separated.

Is it possible to wear extender during sleep?

Using the PeniMaster Chrome extender during sleep is not recommended for several reasons: you can not control the time of wearing, pain threshold decreases during sleep and increases the risk of injury due to uncontrolled movements.
If you do decide to use the PeniMaster Chrome at night, do so after accumulating enough experience of wearing device during the day.
However, it is possible to wear PeniMaster Pro during sleep. Its unique design allows this with no risk of injuries.

How long would the achieved results last? Is there a possibility to interrupt training for a long time?

The primary result from the effects of extender is obtained by stretching tissues. It is usually happening in the first 4 weeks, and then the length of penis is increasing due to the growth of new cells. The growth of penis, obtained by the growth of cells, is irreversible and will stay with you for life. Therefore it’s not recommended to take big pauses, rather use extender, if possible, every day.
However, you can suspend training if needed – with extended periods of not using extender results may be reduced only by the amount of tissue stretching, which it comparably small.

Is extender noticeable under the clothing?

PeniMaster extender fits for discreet wearing under clothing. It is best to wear extender under loose-fitting trousers and a jacket/sweater.

Should I remove extender at work, during sports?

If the job requires physical exertion, you should refrain from wearing the extender and you should not wear it during active sports.

Whether to remove the extender when urinating?

When urinating the extender must be either removed, or its belt clip should be relaxed a bit to enable the process.

What is the optimal tension for extender PeniMaster?

Optimal tension for the growth of the penis is considered 400-1150 grams. Tension adjustments must be done on the divisions of the spring balance.

What happens if penis erects while wearing extender?

Length of the penis during erection does not exceed the length of penis in stretched flaccid state, so in this case there is no need to change any extender settings, only if necessary, correct the position of the belt fixation after easing of erection.

How to correctly regulate the tension on spring balance?

For extender to be evenly tensioned and not distorted, twist rods simultaneously, controlling the tension (shown by dynamometer) on both sides of spring balance.

Can the strap extender be applied directly to the skin of the penis?

No. The tape of comfort or special softening pad should be used when applying strap extender.