Fields of Application

Plastic-cosmetic and Therapeutic fields of application

The penis expanders PeniMaster and PeniMasterPRO can be worn on the penis for plastic-cosmetic and therapeutic purposes.

Penis еnlargement

Penis enlargement

Penis enlargement is a term often used as a synonym for the term penile lengthening. The concept of the PeniMaster and PeniMasterPro, however, is both the elongation and increase in girth of penis. Prolonged usage of extender lets the additional cells to grow in three dimensions, resulting in penis being longer and thicker.
penis curvature

Penis straightening

Another sphere of PeniMaster and PeniMasterPro application is a penis curvature (both inherent and acquired due to Peyronie’s disease) correction. While surgical operation might cause the overall shortening of the penis due to some tissue removal, PeniMaster extender helps prevent this unwanted “side effect” by stretching the penis and causing the additional cell to grow allowing the decrease of curvature and overall straightening.


Recovery of foreskin_

Recovery of foreskin

The recovery of foreskin is possible with the PeniMaster by just fixing the belt further from glans. When the pulling force is applied, the skin gets extra stretching and thus might get elongated during several months. PeniMasterPro, however, can’t offer elongation of foreskin due to design reasons – the fixing element comprises the glans of penis, not the skin.


old age

Retractive penis

Penis retraction process could be observed due to decreased erection frequency in older age, due to overweight or in case of operations – prostate removal or straightening/elongation procedures. This process might get countered by means of penis extender. While for those overweight additional treatment is recommended, the post-operational usage of extender is a must to help secure the results of operation itself.


Erectile dysfunction

Improvement of the erection

Erectile dysfunction – sexual dysfunction characterized by inability to develop or maintain an erection of the penis during sexual performance. Exist many causes to this problem – from physical (retractive penis, Peyronie’s disease) to psychological (lack of confidence due to size/performance) and other (excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking). Use of penis extenders may fight these problems all at once – as penis is enlarged when using expander, the confidence and libido may return, while tissue training provides better blood flow and may help improving erectile function.