Other Methods

Methods of penis enlargement

Penis enlargement products are easy to find: men’s magazines, radio/TV shows and the Internet are full of ads for various pills, pumps, weights, exercises or surgeries that claim to increase the length or width of the penis. Very little scientific support is found, hovewer, for such methods. Most of techniques are ineffective, some of them can even damage penis.



Pills and ointments

These usually contain vitamins, minerals or herbs (which might help maintain the health, but has no effect on the penis growth), hormones (usually prescribed for other medical conditions, might damage the liver yet has no effect on penis growth). Many men that used muscular growth stimulating anabolics experienced shortening of penis. Viagra and analogues might cause the short term visual effect of bigger penis, yet the effect vapours at the end of usage.


Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps are sometimes used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Using the pump can create the illusion of larger penis, but the results aren’t permanent. Furthermore, the more often and longer usage of the pump might damage the elastic tissue in the penis, leading to less-firm erections. Hovewer, the use of a pump as a part of elongation treatment along with PeniMaster and PeniMasterPro, might be advantageous to support the formation of new cells by means of intense blood, thus oxygen, supply.




Exercises, a.k.a. jelqing use hand over hand motion to push blood from base the head of penis. Even though it is looking safer than other techniques, it may lead to scar formation, pain. No scientific studies indicate the technique to be effective at increasing penis size. Jelqing can’t provide any results, as several hours a day required for tissue growth can hardly be achieved.





Securing a weight on the penis – is considered one of the most traumatic methods of penis enlargement. While it works practically the same as penis extender, it is way less productive and convenient. Imperfect (mostly home-made) fixation devices might cause damage to the head of the penis, over press the shaft or lead to ligament injuries. PeniMaster and PeniMasterPro overcomes this technique in efficiency and safety, also it increases the width of penis along with the length.


surgical operations Ligamentotomy

Surgical operations are often overvalued. Penis thickening operations involve implanting fatty tissue from hips to the penis. Often the resulting thickening holds for not more than a year. Penis lengthening operation – ligamentotomy – involves severing the suspensory ligament that holds penis to the pubic bone. After this penis looks longer, because more of it hangs out, yet it may cause the erect penis to be unstable. The important post operational point – the healing procedure might involve the scar tissue retraction, thus destroying the result of operation, therefore, the penis extender worn after operation may prevent this retraction process and secure the result of it.

The same result can be achieved with PeniMaster and PeniMasterPro extenders, but without the side effects. Usually urologists even suggest using penis extender before the operation – many men succeed in achieving the wanted result without the surgery.