Recommendations for Use

Choosing a method of fixation

The most convenient fixation method is vacuum (presented by PeniMaster Pro), followed by strap and noose fixations.
The vacuum attachment is securely and safely holds the head of the penis and is only implemented in PeniMaster Pro. It’s easier and faster to get results with vacuum extender as it’s possible to wear it for longer without discomfort compared to extenders with mechanical fixations.
Traditional mechanical fixation methods – strap and noose are less efficient, yet the strap one is more advantageous. The strap is wider than the noose and applies less pressure on the penis shaft. PeniMaster Chrome has the spring clips that holds strap better than any other extender.
Noose fixation come in handy for those who have short frenulum that doesn’t let to move the foreskin for at least 3cm from the head. Same applies for those whose penis in flaccid state is too small to apply the strap.

How to put on the vacuum system

It takes less than a minute for experienced users to put on the PeniMaster Pro vacuum system. New users might experience some problems, which could be easily overcome if the manual is read carefully.
Extender PeniMaster Pro is vacuum-adhesive. Any problems with the fixation are associated with either drop in the level of vacuum or the lack of adhesion.
If the level of vacuum falls, head of penis gradually slips out of the chamber. Check the adhesive membrane – if it is left sucked inside, it means that vacuum holds good. Yet, if the membrane comes back to its original position and the head slips out, camera is not holding vacuum letting air inside. Air may enter either though the valve or though the connection of membrane with the camera.
Latex membranes should be replaced timely in order for them to keep the head of the penis well when high tension is applied. Membranes experience considerable tension upon wearing extender and gradually begin to sag. It is possible to pull it harder few times, but the ending result will be the sagged bubble inside the vacuum chamber.
This usually happens in about a week, so it’s important to always have enough stock to avoid gaps in training. Timely replacement of membranes will help to avoid damage to the mucosa and problems with fixation

How to regulate tension

Big tension and long sets of wearing extender in early stages of training stress tissue not accustomed to such loads, so there might be no results.
In general, this problem is common for users of more comfortable PeniMaster (Pro), as the maximum tension with strap or knot extenders wouldn’t be possible because of unpleasant feelings or even pain.
If you don’t get any results for a long time, the best solution would be to suspend training for 2-3 weeks and then start again from light load gradually increasing it.

During the set, penis is stretched in the first 15-20mins and the tension is reduced. Is there a need to increase tension to original? Instructions allow both – for the new users it’s recommended not to add tension, the extender will support the tissue in extended state, for those who have some experience it is allowed to add tension after stretching penile tissues as trained tissues won’t be harmed by additional tension.

Tension of the elastic belt extender

It is often hard to figure out how to put the right tension using the elastic belt for the inexperienced users.
Our advice would be not to buy the belt expander only if you don’t have any experience with the rod extender. If you already bought the belt extender and still don’t know how to set the correct tension, you may use the spring-based household scales to measure tension or just wear it on the maximum convenient tension, which doesn’t lead to injury and allows to wear it comfortably for extended period of time.

How and how long to wear extender

A common question – what if I wear extender 2 hours daily? – has no definite answer. It is an individual case for every man. There are cases showing growth with even an irregular wearing, however, 2-3 hours daily might not cause noticeable growth or there might not even be any growth at all. The best option is to wear extender for at least 6 hours a day to ensure rapid onset of the growth.

Is it ok to interrupt sets of wearing? Short pauses will not affect the efficiency of the set, but pauses should not be long (more than 5mins) and there should not be many pauses – not more than one per hours.