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Client Success Stories

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Extender model: PeniMaster PRO
Time of usage: 4 months
Length increase: 1.5 cm
Thickening: 0.5 cm



“ I’ve been using the PeniMaster Pro for 4 months. Really unexpected results – 1.5cm length increase and visible thickening. Usually I wear the rod system at home for 3-5 hours and go to work with the belt system. I’ve been hesitating at the beginning, but that was for nothing – nobody at the office even suspects me wearing it! I’m very happy with my choice.”



Extender model: PeniMaster PRO
Time of usage: 3.5 months
Length increase: 1.3 cm
Thickening: 0.5 cm



“ Used strap extender for a while, but I could never get a good grip with that. I’d either slip out after a few minutes or the blood circulation would be cut off. Acquired PeniMaster Pro 3,5 month ago and I’m excited! No more worries of possible damage to glans and superb comfort – I can’t even feel it when it’s attached. The new attachment method is nothing short of brilliant.”



Extender model: PeniMaster Chrome
Time of usage: 5 months
Length increase: 1.5 cm
Thickening: 0.4 cm



“ I bought PeniMaster Chrome around 5 months ago. Could only wear it around 2 hours daily when I started, but that was enough for my penis to get used to it – after couple of weeks I even ceased to notice it. Now I try to find more time to wear the extender, as I began to notice growth only upon wearing it the recommended 6 hours. Started with 13, now I’m at 14.5 – the very noticeable difference. From the small sized guy I became the normal and I’m not going to stop here.”



Extender model: PeniMaster Chrome
Time of usage: 8 months
Length increase: 3.5 cm
Thickening: 0.9 cm



“ Using the exertion of nearly 1 kg with my PeniMaster for around 8 months got me 3.5cm longer. At first I thought that adding 2cm would be enough, but the process is really addictive. Really, when you get used, you just wear it like a part of clothing 🙂 Actually, if the day is skipped, the thought “Eh, could’ve grown more…” comes. My goal is 18cm and I’m really determined to reach it – not much left anyway :)”



Extender model: PeniMaster Chrome
Time of usage: 3 years
Length increase: 4.7 cm
Thickening: 2.0 cm



“ I bought PeniMaster Chrome in 2010 in Portugal and was wearing it at least 6 hours daily. It was quite problematic to get used to it at first, but in few weeks time I could barely notice the device. I must say the performance of the device surprised me a lot. Previously my penis in erect state was 15.7cm long and 3.5cm in diameter, now it stands at 20.4cm and 5.5cm accordingly. By the way, now I can last longer when having sex. Recently I met my ex-girlfriend; she was amazed of my “new” penis.”



Extender model: PeniMaster PRO
Time of usage: 2 months
Length increase: 0.7 cm
Thickening: 0.5 cm



“ I purchased PeniMaster Pro and I’m very pleased with its fixation, do not feel any discomfort wearing it. After 2 months of usage my penis got visually thicker; measured it and found out the increase in girth of 0.5cm. The length kind of increased as well; at least penis looks bigger in flaccid state now. I’m very happy with the result, hope it will continue in such a pace. Desired growth – 2-3cm in diameter and 4cm in length. Hope to achieve this within the coming year.

I used the PeniMaster Chrome for a while before, but couldn’t wear it comfortably, so abandoned the idea. The vacuum PeniMaster Pro on the other hand is another thing – I don’t miss a single day and wear it 5-6 hours daily without breaks.
Sexual life is getting better, wife is happy – I started all the manipulations because of her after all.”



Extender model: PeniMaster PRO Rod
Time of usage: 3 months
Length increase: 0.9 cm
Thickening: 0.4 cm



“ Almost 8 month ago I went for ligamentotomy in hope to increase the length of my penis. Result of the operation – zero change and complete frustration. Desperate I bought a PeniMaster Pro rod extender 3 months ago. With the penis size of 13 cm, I set the rods to 15.5cm – the tension seems moderate and doesn’t cause any discomfort. I wear it for 8-9 hours daily with some breaks every 3 hours. Got an increase in length of 0.9cm and thickening of 0.4cm so far. I don’t have a possibility to wear the rod system now, so I temporarily moved to the belt stretcher. I’m quite happy with the result so far, but will try to reach 17cm.

Still didn’t get rid of the feeling of dissatisfaction with my penis, so will continue to wear my extender.
Advice to all: ligamentotomy makes no sense it’s a typical set up that cost a lot. The extender helped me to lengthen my penis with minimum cost.”



Extender model: PeniMaster Chrome +
PeniMaster PRO Upgrade Kit I
Time of usage: 11 months
Length increase: 2.7 cm
Thickening: 0.8 cm



“ I purchased the PeniMaster Chrome and PeniMaster Pro Upgrade Kit I in Dec, 2012, use them alternately as its quite convenient for me, have no problems wearing either of them. Penis got longer by 2.7cm and thicker by 0.8cm upon the use of extenders, the head of penis got bigger as well. Penis looks more impressive even in flaccid state and I’m very satisfied with the results I achieved.

I set the goal to lengthen my penis by 4 more cm and thicken it by another 2cm. The use of extenders allowed improving of my sexual life: sexual activity increased, increased the duration of sexual intercourse.”



Extender model: PeniMaster PRO
Time of usage: 2.5 months
Length increase: 1.5 cm
Thickening: 0.5 cm



“ I needed a size correction of my penis, as nature deprived me here. Started from a budget extender, used a ProExtender System (China). There were some gains, but along came difficulties with the knot fixation. Penis was slipping out of holding unit or injuries and swelling were occurring if tightened harder, negating the entire process of extender usage.

Purchased the PeniMaster Pro 2.5 month ago – it really works! Result – 1.5cm increase in length from 13.5 to 15. Use the rod system in 2 daily sets of 1.5-2 hours each. In addition to lengthening, penis became more voluminous; harder erections makes partner happy, and that’s the main thing.”


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